Instructor: Dr. Siyuan Rao

    In the spring semesters, Dr. Siyuan Rao teaches Tech Elective BMED-597/697N Neuroengineering course. In this course, students are expected to learn state-of-the-art neuroengineering technologies as well as fundamental material engineering knowledge to design neuroengineering techniques. In this course's assignments, students will practice hypothetical manuscript preparation in teams, peer reviewing and manuscript revision processes.

       This course doesn't require students' strong neurobiology background. Juniors, Seniors and Graduates are all welcomed. Previous students enrolled in this course come from various programs, including Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience and Behavior, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Molecular and Cell Biology. This course is also listed in Inter-campus Course Exchange Program and open to students across the UMass five campuses.

Selected Project Design


Authors: Michaela Bruno, Mashrul Amin, Chloe Domanus
Author: Sizhe Huang, Christine Yao, Julianne Knappik
UMass URA conference_2022
Kayla Felix
UMass URA conference_2022
Collin Mayley
UMass URA conference_2022
Jacob Naroian


Faculty mentor: Dr. Siyuan Rao

Capstone Senior Design Program

       2020-2021: Team 4

       2021-2022: A Novel Stretching Device for Training Fatigue-Resistant Hydrogel Fibers

       Team: Michaela Bruno, Abigail Callahan, Parker Gagnon, Shane Priester, Vanaalika Vaid


Neuroengineering Hub


       NBI lab shared resource:

Synthesis protocols   

Photometry code (Python)   

Optical simulation  

Behavioral analysis   

Science as Art


"Neuron" on Ice
Photo: Qianbin Wang
"Buttlefly" Spinal Cord
Photo: Siyuan Rao
Lab Meeting
Photo: Eunji Hong
Photo: Siyuan Rao
Light Shower
Photo: Siyuan Rao


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